Get Familiar with Us

Familiar Jewelry brings you contemporary, minimal and timeless pieces that weave into your everyday and adorn you for years to come. 

déjà vu - recollection - intimacy

We want our jewels to be an endearment of your past. Lovingly reminisced in the now and affectionately held onto for what lies ahead.

Like a cup of freshly brewed tea. That anecdote that never fails to crack a smile on your face. The elation when they were gifted from a loved one...
Those sweet tears when you waltzed down the aisle.

Familiar Jewelry once worn, feels like it always belonged. They are for the romantics, the dreamers and the empowered individuals. When Familiar Jewelry is passed on, it still preserves the ambitions and hopes of the giver.

we care

We believe in a sustainable and minimal wardrobe, achieved through conscious means.

Our jewelry is put together with timeless aesthetics in mind, and never a part of a fad or trend. We would love for you to get creative. Mix and match different charms and drops across collections, without spending more than you have to.

Organic lemon oil is used to polish each Familiar Jewelry and they make a great pick-me-up. We carefully inspect each order before packing them. Our plush pouches prevent your jewelry from discolouration. They are designed for re-purposing - use them for your coins, keys or other belongings.

Let us all do our best in reducing carbon footprint.

our commitment to quality

Every piece of Familiar Jewelry is thoughtfully curated and lovingly assembled by hand with an obsession to detail and perfection in our studio.

Our pearls and gems are ethically sourced and suitable for the everyday. We use only sterling silver, or quality brass coated with 14K-24K gold and rhodium, to retain its lustre and shine. They are lead and nickel free. We seek your patience as we explore more ways to bring in affordable hypoallergenic options.